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The Rambler All Terrain

The Trike That Can Go Anywhere

The Rambler All Terrain is built off the already strong Rambler platform with the same frame, but after that this trike is entirely different. The Rambler AT features a trike exclusive paint color with 24 inch off-road tires that only come with this model. The Seat is designed to keep the rider planted in the trike when going off the beaten path, the Rambler also features exclusive gearing ratios to this trike.

The Rambler All Terrain is design to be comfortable on and off road, and with this in mind the trike features gearing ratios that allow the rider to tackle any terrain and when on paved ground to have the perfect cruising speed when commuting.



  • 20 speeds 

  • Avid BB7 Disc brakes on both front wheels

  • 24 inch off-road wheels

  • High torque gear ratios

  • Ventilated, mesh seat with side bolstering for comfort

  • Custom frame and spoke paint job

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