Terrain 26

The Trike That Goes Anywhere

Available in two wheel sizes

The Terrain is built to be taken anywhere. This trike features wider tires for greater surface area and traction when going over any bike path. Whether it is sand, snow or pavement this trike handles all of it. The Terrain features a smaller front gear compared to our other trikes for increased torque when riding on different surfaces and standard horizontal handle bars for increased control.

Bigger is Better

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain 26 inch tire

Terrain with 26 inch wheels

Basic Specifications:

Tires: 26x4 inch Kenda Juggernaut


Frame Material: high Grade powder coated steel Chromoly steel

powder coating is used to prevent rusting on the frame

Rear Cassette: Shimano 7-speed CNC steel gears


Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney 

Brakes: Dual Avid BB5 disc brakes

6 way adjustable mesh seat for both height and seating angle

Terrain 20

The Terrain 20 has all the same components as the Terrain 26 except for the 20x4 inch tires 

E-Terrain (Electric Trike)

The E-Terrain features a 500 watt electric motor built into the rear hub in the Terrain 26 and a 350 watt electric motor in the Terrain 20, since the motor is integrated into the rear hub the rider does not have to worry about the motor slowing down the rider when pedaling without motor assist. The 500 watt motor propels the trikes to a top speed of 20 mph and the battery gives the rider a range a range of 70 miles using the pedal assist feature and 30 miles when using electric power only.   You can ride the trike using three different modes, you could use full power from the electric motor, use a pedal assist feature that gives the rider a boost in speed while pedaling, or pedaling without the assistance of the motor. These three modes give the rider the best riding experience.

  • 500 watt in hub motor in the Terrain 26 and a 350 watt in the Terrain 20

  • 30 mile range, 75 miles when using the pedal assist feature

  • Three different modes of riding full electric, electric motor assist, and pedaling

  • full screen display that shows battery level, speed, assist level, and distance traveled.


Terrain 20 inch wheel - $1499.99


Terrain 26 inch wheel - $1599.99

E-Terrain 20 inch wheel - $3299.99

E-Terrain 26 inch wheel - $3469.99